I’m Jaylee James, a writer, reader, blogger, and overall geek from Kansas City.

You can call me J.



Since July 2014, I have been the founder and senior editor of Vitality, a LGBT literary magazine seeking to fulfill a need in the LGBT market for positive genre fiction featuring queer characters. I myself identify as a polyamorous, demi-bisexual, demigirl, and this project is very close to my heart.

I have been writing for as long as I could hold a pen. I was entering writing competitions all through elementary school (without winning a single one). I spent truly outrageous amounts of time writing elaborate fantasy epics in elementary school and posting them on a long-dead website called Kids-Space. In sixth grade (year 2000 to you) I was featured in the Neopian Times a number of times, and thus began my writing career! Haha. I wrote a lot of epic fantasy and angsty poetry in high school (as one does), and eventually studied (but did not major in) English literature and writing in college.

Recently I’ve been focusing on fantasy, science fiction, romance, and amalgamations thereof. I also post microfiction (roughly) twice a day on twitter as Lil’ Story Bites.

For a list of publications featuring my work, click here!


I work at a boring office job in the healthcare industry. In my spare time (ha!) I do my writing, work on Vitality, play video games, obsessively scroll tumblr, and read lots of trashy werewolf romance novels. IMG_20150614_153921

I’m married to my high school sweetheart, a teddy bear with a marshmallow heart named Chris.

I have two teacup pomeranians named Bubbles and Taffy, who share my deep and abiding love of food.  They are the absolute loves of my life and at least once a week I gripe at myself for falling in love with creatures that have such a limited lifespan. And who continuously pee on the carpet. And who steal my food off of my plate if I turn my back for even a second. …. But they’re so cute, you guys…

Jaylee James is a pen name. My real name is very boring. Feel free to call me J. ❤


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