October Cometh! + Tonsil Surgery

The two pieces of mine that have been accepted for publication will both be out in late October! I’m extremely excited.

One of those publications, Wings of Renewal, an anthology about solarpunk dragons featuring my piece, “The Last Guardian,” has given me this awesome contributing author badge featuring some of the cover art. Isn’t it gorgeous? Everytime I show it to people I then start flailing and pointing out THE DRAGON IS MADE OF PLANTS. SO… in case you didn’t notice. PLANT DRAGON. (Plantragon? Plagon? Drant? … no.)

SolarPunk-FB-Dragon-High-Qu (3)

No word yet on when preorders for either will be available, but hopefully I’ll have more information when we’re closer to the release date.

What’s been happening with me?

I had tonsil surgery on the 17th! Recovering from a tonsillectomy as an adult is every bit the hell it was promised to be. I will spare you the disgusting details, but know that I’m surviving! A little miserably, but I’m making it! 🙂

I considered trying to write while looped up on pain meds… 😉 Be grateful I spared you that!


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